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From quaint to contemporary, Leo Lounger brings a range of sofas that evoke a sense of awe while scoring high on the comfort quotient. The design weaves visual aesthetics along with ergonomic aspects to create a complete feeling of luxury.



The whole wide world of chairs unfurls before you with Leo Lounger's exquisite craftsmanship. Explore the impressive categories that make chairs more than just a regular fixture in your home.


Mid-century Collections

The middle of the 20th century witnessed a design revolution as more sleek and cleaner lines began to pervade. In terms of furniture design it featured less ornamentation and more solid finish.


Dining Table & Chairs

Leo Lounger's delightful range of Dining Tables and Chairs evoke a feeling of comfort and elevate the special moments into memories. A wide range of styles are featured in order to create the one that complements the home.



Leo Lounger offers aesthetic solutions, and we ensure that the finish is extraordinary.


Bespoke -
The new epitome of luxury.

Project Gallery

New Arrivals

the future
of design.

In a world filled with extravagance, the real luxuries of life are often taken for granted. But for us, the art of creating custom-made furniture is what imparts beauty into the built environment.

And our doors are open for new talents who feel the same.

Welcome to Leo Lounger’s Design Lab.

With hands-on training from expert craftsmen and guidance from renowned designers, we don’t just nurture new talents under our wing! What’s more, it is not just the budding designers who will find our ideas to be exciting. Our design lab is, on the whole, an initiative to inspire well known architects and designers to create innovative and functional designs for furniture.